Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8/1/11 Email from Anchieta

Adam's email this week, my comments are in brackets.
[Do you still have baptisms set for this week?]  I have not gotten any packages yet, I should get them either on thursday, or on the thursday after my birthday.  It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get here, and then I get them at transfers or earlier if either me and my companion have to go to the mission office, or if the district leader has to go to the mission office.  The transfer ends on the 9th of August, so the 11th I will definitely have at least one package.  It is really cool that I have my birthday on a p-day cause I can email you all on that day!
[Do you still have baptisms set for this week?]  Yes we do still have 2 baptisms set for this week, they have been interviewed and they are all ready to go!  I can't wait!
[Have you taught a lesson yet?]  I have not taught a full lesson, but I have taught many parts of the lessons.
[What kinds of foods/snacks are you missing from the US?]  I am missing all of the sour candy, they don't really have sour candy here in Brazil, I am missing Papa Murphy's Chicago pizza, and a few other things that I can't think of right now.  Oh, sushi from Sushi Town.
[What kind of stores and businesses are in Ancheita?]  There are a lot of pharmacies and super markets, and little resturants too.  Other than that not really much.
[Where in town is your apartment?]  My apartment is kind of on the edge of town nearest to Vitória  and the new apartment that we will be getting is even closer to Vitória.  Oh and the city name is Anchieta, I misspelled it when I sent my first message to you.
[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was at our district meeting, I was able to understand more things in Portuguese, enough to be able to respond and teach in our practice teaching segment in the meeting.  I am being able to speak and understand a little more each day, but it is still pretty hard to understand and speak.
I hope everyone is doing well back home, i miss you all and love you.

Elder Adam McBarron
PS  This is a picture of a statue in Anchieta that is in front of a gas station, I thought it was pretty funny and cool.

[This is a picture sent to me from Elder Turley's Dad]

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