Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/8/11 Birthday Emails!

Adam's email this week, our questions are in brackets.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes and also everything else!  I haven't gotten my packages yet, but I will get them tomorrow at transfers.  I will be getting transferred from Anchieta with my companion to another area.  I will tell you more in the next email as I don't know any details yet.  I am 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Did you have your baptisms this week?  How did the baptism go? Did you get to dunk one? or did you do the confirmation blessing?]  We had both of the baptisms this week, Elder Turley baptized Michelle and I baptized Rafaela!!!!  I got to baptize on the beach!  The members did the confirmations.  I got to baptize on the beach before I got transferred from the area!!!!!!   It was so cool baptizing Rafaela on the beach.  I can pretty much say that that was a huge birthday present from the Lord.  I am really grateful for the opportunity that He gave me to have that chance.  It was so cool!  I only had to start over once because I said it wrong, but I kind of expected that to happen since I am still learning the language.

[Were you guys part of Mormon helping hands in Brazil?   What was you project if you were?]  Yes, I was part of the helping hands.  We went to an old folks home and did a few things there, we mostly just sang for them though and played music.

[Did you move to your new apartment yet? What's it like?]  No we have not moved into the new apartment because we are being transferred, so the next missionaries in the area are the ones that will be getting the new apartment, those lucky ducks.  It is a really nice apartment, 2 bedrooms a kitchen, a living room, and 2 bathrooms.  I wish we could have been in there, but oh well.

[Have you found anyone else to teach?  When do you have the father of the girls set up to baptize?]  We haven't found anyone else to teach really other than Rafaela´s mom.  We don't have a date for him, cause he didn't accept a date yet.

[What is your favorite thing to do on your p-day?]  My favorite thing to do on p-day is to write emails and write letters, I  like sharing everything with people.

[Do you guys tract a lot or do you do other things to meet people?]  Yeah we do a lot of tracting, but we mostly go off of referrals, they are more willing to listen, and it is a lot easier to find their houses, and they have constant contact with members as referrals.

[What is your favorite snack there?]  My favorite snack would have to be mangoes, and also a little chocolate egg called a kinder ovo or kinder egg, it also has a little trinket inside.

[Do you get to meet with the members much?]  We meet with members every day, they are awesome!

[Any bugs you run into a lot? Are the mosquitoes bugging you much?]  We run into ants everywhere.  I haven't been bothered too much by mosquitoes.  Don't be surprised if I send my bug net home, there aren't many places that I can use it at according to other missionaries.

[Do you have a new companion?]  I don't have a new companion, but I will be in a new area tomorrow with my companion. we are both getting transferred to a new area together. 

I will attach photos of the baptism on my next email.  I have to go, Tchau!  Elder McBarron

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