Monday, August 15, 2011

8/15/11 Email from Serra Sede, Brazil

My questions are in brackets.
[You never told me the name of your new mission president, what is it?]  My new President's name is President Araújo.
[Are you getting to know other missionaries?]  I am getting to know a few other missionaries, I haven't really lived with other missionaries yet other than Elder Turley.
Hey, I am going to be sending a package home sometime this transfer, I will have a few things in the package for you all and also some things that I don't need here that are just taking up space and weight. Oh in your next package that you send could you include a portable cd player, and a copy of the Sons of Provo cd?  President Araújo has said that we can listen to any music we want as long as it brings the spirit and does not hinder our work.  I thought that the Sons of Provo would be a good p-day music.  If you can send that, feel free to make any cd's you want and send them with it.  It would be cool to get cd's from other people as well, like Gram, Christina, and others too.
[Where is your new area?  What is it like?]  My new area is in Serra Sede, in the mission it is called Serra 2.  It reminds me of home a lot, the feeling of the city has the feeling of Auburn, and there are a ton of hills.  The area is huge, and we walk every where, we walk at least 5 miles a day, up and down hills.
[Is it a ward, branch or member group?] Here is a ward which I am really glad about.  Oh I am in the same ward as the zone leaders, they live in another part of the city from us which is why me and Elder Turley are still by ourselves.  The zone leaders are also in the same district, which is awesome!  Oh, I forgot to tell you Elder Turley is the district leader for the district.  Serra Sede is part of the city of Serra.
[How is the language going for you?]  The language is still coming along, this week was a hard week for me, cause I still can't really understand everything that people are saying to me, and I can't say all that I want to say either.  Also I had to learn a new area, it really took a toll on me, but there will be weeks like this, especially in the beginning of the mission.
[Is there anyone you are teaching this week?]  We are teaching 4 main people this week. Marcia, Rosangela, Roberta, Nina and Maralug, ok there are 5.  We are starting from the beginning with all of them, and going to make baptismal dates with them all.
[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience was the baptisms of 2 people that were already setup for baptism this Sunday by the elders before us.
Love you all and miss you all,

Elder Adam McBarron

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