Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12 Email from São Mateus

My week was pretty good, it went by really fast. we are having fun here.  Me and my companion are trying to have high goals so that we are always working hard and we almost reached our goals this week. We now have 4 people set up to be baptized on May 19th, they are the mom and the kids in a family, it is hard for us to find the dad at home.  We are trying to work with all of the other references that we received, but it is kind of hard because our area is really big and we are trying to visit everyone that we can.  We are receiving a lot of references and everyone that we have received so far are progressing pretty well.  We have not gotten a reference that we have not added to our teaching pool, there has not been one that we have felt like the members need to accompany them a little more.

Oh, I have 2 other roomies, Elder Stewart from Spokane, WA and Elder G. Rocha who is from Rio De Janiero.

We met a lot of people that rejected us yesterday. I was trying to talk with a lady and she said that she didn't like us and our religion and told us to leave. Oh, I also talked with an American yesterday and I had a hard time talking in English. But it was pretty cool as he said that he has talked with the missionaries before and said that he will ask them about their message when he gets back to the States.

Last p-day we played a lot of card games and wrote letters and just rested.  Today we are probably going to play volley ball with some members.

We had a special visitor in our mission this week, we got to hear from Elder Quintin L Cook, that was pretty cool and really a special experience.

In 2 weeks I will be talking with you all. We got to have a service project, the first one in a long time and we were cleaning up someone's yard. It was good and it felt really good to do some hard work with my hands and forearms.  Well, I don't really have much else to say.  Miss ya

Elder McBarron

Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12 Email from São Mateus

[I am so excited to hear from you this week! First I want to say happy one year anniversary this week!!!! Can you even believe it?]  I can't believe it will be one year on Friday!  This week went by really fast for me and my companion.  I will be having a BBQ at a members house on Friday to celebrate.  This week was a lot better than the last few.

[How did transfers go, I want to hear all the details.]  Transfers were great, my new area is exactly what I have been needing.  I am in the area of São Mateus it is near Colatina but it is cooler and doesn't really have any hills.  The only downside is that my area is pretty big, it is huge, we have to take the bus every day to get to a part of our area that the Branch  President wants us to work on so that they can open a group there to help the branch grow and turn into 2 wards.

[Who is your new companion?]  My companion is Elder Costa, he is really cool, but a little crazy which is just what I need.  He is at the end of his mission, he only has this transfer and then the next and he is back home.  This transfer will only be 5 weeks, the next transfer will be on March 22.  My week was fast and really good, we went around getting to know the members and we got a lot of references.  We want to baptize a lot of people this transfer.

[How was the first Sunday in the new ward, are they showing the love? Meet anyone fun? So what is the info on the new area?]  My first week here we got 24 references and we are going to work hard with all of them.  Our first Sunday both me and my companion gave talks.  The new branch is pretty cool, they are all trying to help with the work.  The funnest person that I met here would have to be my companion and also the Elder's Quorum President, he is pretty crazy.  

[What was your best experience?]  My best experience this week was when my companion and I visited one referral and I saw 3 of the family members in white for a spilt second and then yesterday one of them asked about the Book of Mormon and he also said he really liked the church meeting.

I am really liking my new area a lot.   Love you all and miss you all

Elder McBarron

Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16/12 Email from Colatina

My week was not as bad as yours, but it was a tough week for me.  I tried to be with members as much as possible this week, I taught a few lessons this week.  We don't really have a big teaching pool, just 2 families. Tomorrow will be a good day I will have a new area and also a new companion, a fresh new start.

[We shared with Adam the news of one of his sister's friends committing suicide this week.]  I don't really know what to write with that news, I am trying to think of something that I can say to help.  The only thing that I can think of is this:  "Be of good cheer for I am with you," "Peace be unto your soul".  These things always bring joy to me when I am reading the scriptures.  The Lord is always there to help us in our times of need and distress, especially when we are in situations such as this, "come unto me and I will give you rest, for my yoke is light and easy laden."  We need to seek the Lord for He is ready to help us on our path and is there to comfort us in all things.  Even though I may not be there to help you all, i am praying for you, and I know that Christ is ready to comfort you all, especially Megan now in her time of need. I miss you all and wish that I could have been there to help with this. Study the scriptures a little more this will help to bring peace and comfort.

My most spiritual moment this week was my interview with President Araújo. I got some letters too during the interview, one from my trainer Nate Turley and one from one of the people I baptized.  These were much needed letters, they had some really good advice and news in them.
I miss you all and love you all

Elder McBarron

Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9/12 Email from Colatina

Well, this week was not really a good week here.  We got a notice that the husband of a member died and we really liked him.  And, I was sick this week and I couldn't work Thursday.  I began drinking 1 liter of water for every 45 minutes and also drinking Gatorade.  I got better but I was still weak.  I have been drinking a lot of water since then, but I am getting home at night with a headache.  I have been trying to lower my stress level and have been able to do that a little.  I am doing all I can to not have a stressful life right now because I know that stress adds to the likelihood of having health problems.  Also, there was no one here for Easter, the streets were pretty much deserted, we were able to work this week but we didn't reach our goals.  We pretty much could only visit new members or less active members. 

I am glad that you guys had a nice Easter there.  I enjoyed my Easter package, but here it was just hot.

Today as I was walking to the place where we use the Internet, I saw a dog get ran over, but the miraculous part is that he did not die.  He got up and ran towards his home with a little boy following him crying.  It was strange to see the dog get ran over.

My best experience this week would have to be the lunches, they were the best this week that I have ever had here in Brazil.  Friday we had pretty much what is a fish pie.  I guess it is a custom here that on the Friday before Easter they eat this.  It was really good and yesterday we had a lasagna that was really good.  They use more cheese here and we use more meat in the states.

Well that is pretty much all that is new. Love you all and miss you.

Elder McBarron

4/2/12 Email from Colatina

This week was better than the last, but it had it's downs.  I can't believe that it is April, in 25 days I will have been here in Brazil for one year.  It seems like I have only been here for only 4 or 5 months.  I am really liking Colatina I like the hills a lot.  I am missing Mexican food and American pizza, yesterday I was craving a Hawaiian pizza from Papa Murphy's.

[Are you getting out to meet new people yet?]  I am trying to get to know and find new people.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was General Conference.  I really liked the 3rd session.  Can you send me a copy of the talks of President Eyring from the first session, President Uchtdorf from the 3rd, President Monson from the 3rd, and from Elder Perry about the Book of Mormon.  I want to have a copy of these 4 talks in English.  I missed watching Conference in  English but I understood a lot of what was being said in Portuguese.

I am trying to do things that I have not done yet, and trying to have balance in all things.  Miss you all and love you.

Seu Filho

Elder McBarron