Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12 Email from São Mateus

[I am so excited to hear from you this week! First I want to say happy one year anniversary this week!!!! Can you even believe it?]  I can't believe it will be one year on Friday!  This week went by really fast for me and my companion.  I will be having a BBQ at a members house on Friday to celebrate.  This week was a lot better than the last few.

[How did transfers go, I want to hear all the details.]  Transfers were great, my new area is exactly what I have been needing.  I am in the area of São Mateus it is near Colatina but it is cooler and doesn't really have any hills.  The only downside is that my area is pretty big, it is huge, we have to take the bus every day to get to a part of our area that the Branch  President wants us to work on so that they can open a group there to help the branch grow and turn into 2 wards.

[Who is your new companion?]  My companion is Elder Costa, he is really cool, but a little crazy which is just what I need.  He is at the end of his mission, he only has this transfer and then the next and he is back home.  This transfer will only be 5 weeks, the next transfer will be on March 22.  My week was fast and really good, we went around getting to know the members and we got a lot of references.  We want to baptize a lot of people this transfer.

[How was the first Sunday in the new ward, are they showing the love? Meet anyone fun? So what is the info on the new area?]  My first week here we got 24 references and we are going to work hard with all of them.  Our first Sunday both me and my companion gave talks.  The new branch is pretty cool, they are all trying to help with the work.  The funnest person that I met here would have to be my companion and also the Elder's Quorum President, he is pretty crazy.  

[What was your best experience?]  My best experience this week was when my companion and I visited one referral and I saw 3 of the family members in white for a spilt second and then yesterday one of them asked about the Book of Mormon and he also said he really liked the church meeting.

I am really liking my new area a lot.   Love you all and miss you all

Elder McBarron

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