Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9/12 Email from Colatina

Well, this week was not really a good week here.  We got a notice that the husband of a member died and we really liked him.  And, I was sick this week and I couldn't work Thursday.  I began drinking 1 liter of water for every 45 minutes and also drinking Gatorade.  I got better but I was still weak.  I have been drinking a lot of water since then, but I am getting home at night with a headache.  I have been trying to lower my stress level and have been able to do that a little.  I am doing all I can to not have a stressful life right now because I know that stress adds to the likelihood of having health problems.  Also, there was no one here for Easter, the streets were pretty much deserted, we were able to work this week but we didn't reach our goals.  We pretty much could only visit new members or less active members. 

I am glad that you guys had a nice Easter there.  I enjoyed my Easter package, but here it was just hot.

Today as I was walking to the place where we use the Internet, I saw a dog get ran over, but the miraculous part is that he did not die.  He got up and ran towards his home with a little boy following him crying.  It was strange to see the dog get ran over.

My best experience this week would have to be the lunches, they were the best this week that I have ever had here in Brazil.  Friday we had pretty much what is a fish pie.  I guess it is a custom here that on the Friday before Easter they eat this.  It was really good and yesterday we had a lasagna that was really good.  They use more cheese here and we use more meat in the states.

Well that is pretty much all that is new. Love you all and miss you.

Elder McBarron

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