Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/29/11 Email from Serra Sede

Adam's email this week, my questions are in brackets.

[You didn't ever say if you have a mailing address at your new place or if we should keep sending letters to the mission home.]  Ok so just keep sending the letters to the mission home, because I don't have an address to send it to and I will always be able to get them if they are sent to the mission office, but if they are sent to another address, there is a chance that I would not get them.

[Did you have your baptism Sunday? If so, how was it?]  We didn't have the baptism  Sunday, but it will be this Saturday.

[Did you find new people to teach?]  We haven't really been able to find some new people, but we are going to try some new things this we and see if they will help.

[Have you done anything fun in your new area?]  This last pday and this pday we are playing soccer with the zone, last week was really fun!

[Are you getting more involved in the ward?]  I am starting to speak more at church, and in the ward, we don't really do too much in the ward other than help the new investigators around, which is cool! The ward missionaries take care of a lot of it.

[Did you get to bear your testimony in your new ward?]  I have not had the opportunity to bear my testimony in the ward yet, but this Sunday is Fast Sunday and I will be most likely be bearing it then, especially because I have a feeling that I might be getting transferred again this next transfer.  This is a really cool area that I am in right now, but it is also a challenging area.  It is a really large area, and also there aren't too many members from the ward in our area, not to mention all of the hills too.  We go up and down hills both ways from every appointment.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was a missionary conference that we had with the mission president and also with the area president and their wives.  I got to see a lot of the missionaries that I came out with there!   I also had a really good experience this morning in my study.  I haven't been feeling the spirit as strongly as I had been the past couple of days.  Today I was reading in the August 2011 Liahona and there was a quote in there from President Kimball in an article from Elder Perry that said that when he is feeling distant from the spirit, he immerses himself in the scriptures and renews that connection.  I decided to try that today after reading that, today was one of the best studies that I have had in the past couple of days and I  feel like I have a stronger connection to the scriptures and the spirit.  That was my best experiences this week.

I will be looking for the next package, thanks mom for all that you do!  I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Adam McBarron

P.S. thanks for the print off of the Birthday wishes mom!

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