Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/25/11 Email from Ancheita

Here is Adam's email for this week, my questions are in brackets.

I am doing great, my Portuguese is coming along.   It is crazy that i have been out for 3 months, it seems shorter and yet longer at the same time.  Hey tell grandma and grandpa that they can email me now, the new president said that it is ok.
[Did you teach anyone new this week?]  We taught this lady named Angela this week, and we have marked a date with her for the 13th of August.
[Did the man and his daughter accept to be baptized?]  Michelle accepted to be baptized on the 6th of August, but her dad Miguel didn't.  He is still trying to figure things out, but we are continuing to work with him.  Oh we marked a date with Leticia´s sister Rafaela for the 6th of August too.  We are teaching a cousin of Michelle too, his name is Victor, he is really intelligent.
[What all do you have in your apartment, do you have a fridge (I sent chocolate in your packages and they will probably be melted and need to be cooled up again and I wasn't sure if you even had a fridge), washer and dryer (just wondering how you are getting your laundry done), stove or microwave (are you cooking food)?]  We have a fridge, a stove and a washer type thing. We wash our laundry and then hang it up to dry.  We don't really cook, we get food that is simple to prepare.  We eat a lot of fruit and sandwiches.
[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was having fun with the group at an activity on the beach.  I am including some pictures, the picture with the three ladies is a picture of (from left to right) Irmá (sister) Luiza Irmá Marcia (she is really cool!) and Michelle.  I have also included a picture of me that I would also like for you to take to Fleet Feet for me.  Oh and a picture of my first mango of the mission.
I am glad for everything that you all have done for me and for the help that you have given me.  I miss you all.  I am glad that I am here though cause it is really fun.  Miss you all and hope you are doing well. seu filho Elder Adam McBarron

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  1. Sis. McBarron,

    Elder Turley sent some pics today with your son in them...email me at turleymeister@gmail.com, and I will forward them to you.

    --Tim Turley


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