Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/18/11 Email from Ancheita

Adam's email for this week, my questions are in brackets:

This past week was pretty good, it was pretty hectic though. We had a zone meeting and a district meeting, and the the busses weren't cooperating with us.

[Any new contacts this week?]  We have 2 new contacts this week, their names are Miguel and Michelle, we contacted Miguel in the street and Michelle is his daughter.  We have taught them the 1st and 2nd lessons and we are going to be inviting them to be baptised this week, with a date of August 6th.

[How are the lesson's going with the guy who is supposed to be baptized soon?]  We had to cut Adias because he was not progressing and not getting the things that we were teaching, he would hear them and then do parts of the things.

[What kind of responsibilities do you have in your member group?]  We pretty much just do whatever needs to be done, we are teachers for the gospel principles class pretty much all of the time.

[Have you done any service projects?]  We have not done any service projects, and I don't think that we will be doing any anytime soon, unfortunately.

[What was your favorite experience this week?]  My favorite experience this last week was that I contacted someone by myself on the bus and got his information and everything.  It kind of helped that he could kind of speak English.  My Portuguese is coming along a little by little each day, I was told the other day by a Brazilian that what I  do know how to speak I say well with out an American accent, that was really cool for me.

Hey look up Paula Fernandes, her music is really popular here.  Oh and Brazilians love American music too, even though they have no idea of what is being said, which is really kind of funny.  Hey I was just wondering, how is the avocado tree doing?

[It's doing well.]

I love you all and miss you all I hope everything is going well with you all.

Elder Adam Michael McBarron

PS  I am including a baptism photo of Leticia, it is me, my companion, Leticia and Leticia´s sister Rafaela.

PSS  I am including a picture for Fleet  Feet of my Vibrams that I brought with me with Brazilian sand on them, could you take it in to Fleet Feet for me?

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