Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/11/11 Email from Ancheita

This is Adam's email from Monday, sorry I'm a little slow posting.  My questions are in brackets.

I am doing really well.  Hey, when you can could you serve the missionaries a meal, it is very important for the missionaries to get to know the members, it really helps with the work and it is just really nice for the missionaries to have a good home cooked meal.

[How many people are you and your companion teaching right now?]  Right now we only really have 2 people we are teaching, one is Leticia who we baptized on Saturday.  We have to teach the lessons again after baptism to the converts.  And we are teaching an old guy named Adias, he is really cool, but we have a lot of work to do with him before his baptism on the 30th.  We are always looking for more investigators, and trying to get referrals from members.  Oh just to let you know I didn't perform the baptism, because Leticia wanted Elder Turley to perform it, but that is ok.  I get to perform the next one.

[What was your most interesting experience this week?]  My most interesting experience this week after getting ready for the baptism, was that same night as the baptism, the power went out in the whole city of Anchieta for about an hour.

[What is your favorite lesson so far?]  My favorite lesson so far is the restoration.

[How big is the ward/branch you are in?]  My group is really small, we have about 40 people come each week to church, and a lot of those are younger people, like 16 and below.

[What did you learn about your mission president when you met/heard him?]  I don't really remember other than thinking that he was a really cool guy.

I hope that that helped you with some of the stuff that you wanted to know.  I got a card adaptor, and I will try to send some pictures next week, because I don't have too much time left for emailing and I still have to send an email to the mission president in Portuguese.  Hey I miss you all and hope all is going well for you all back home.   Seu filho Elder Adão (Adam) McBarron

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