Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011 Email

Here is Adam's email this week, my comments are in brackets:

I am doing great after Monday, on Monday I got sick from something that I ate and slept all afternoon. That is great that grandma´s surgery went well.  I found out that after I get out of the CTM I can email who ever, but they just want immediate family while in the CTM for the sake of time.

No I have not gotten your package, I have gotten your letters.  I just found out that it takes 2 to 3 weeks for it to get to the U.S. from here, and a week to get letters from the U.S. to Brazil.  I am missing you all a ton and I love you all.

[Have you had any area or higher church leaders come visit?]  We have had the whole area presidency come visit us over separate occasions.

[About how full do you think the CTM is?]  We probably have about 200 to maybe 300 missionaries at any given moment.

[Have you had any good spiritual experiences this week?]  This week I got a blessing from my District because I was sick.

[Will you keep the same companion the whole time you are at the CTM?]   Yeah we keep the same companion through the whole stay at the CTM.

[What is the food like at the CTM?]  The food can be good at times and bad at times, its just finding ways to make it taste good most of the time, and finding things that wont make you sick too.

[What is the best part of being at the CTM?]   I like being able to try and talk with the Brazilians and then them teaching me how to say things in Portuguese.  I also like being able to go to the temple, it is what I look forward to the most on p-days.

I miss you all, be good. 

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