Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Email

Here is this week's email from Adam, I sent him some questions, they are in italics and brackets with his answers following.

This week has been ok.  I bought some really cool stuff after sending my email and letter last week.  I bought a scripture bag/backpack that has the name of my mission on it and can hold a lot of my study stuff.  I also bought a Brazil colors tie and some covers for my Portuguese scriptures that have my name and mission on them.

[How is your Portugese coming along?]  Portuguese is coming along little by little.

[Do you get to go to the temple again?]  I got to go to the temple again today.  I  almost could not go because my companion didn't want to go.  I talked him into going and afterwards I asked him if he was glad that we went, and he was.  So it was a good thing that I talked him into going.  I had an awesome time.

[What are you learning in your classes?]  It is kind of hard to say what we are learning in my classes because we jump around alot.  We are mostly learning stuff though that we can be able to teach people.

[Did you get over your cough yet?]  Yeah, I did get over my cough.  I just got over it this last week.

[What is your room like?]  My room is like a larger version of my room at BYU-Hawaii with bunkbeds and 6 roommates.

[What is your Sunday like?]  My Sunday is wake up at the usual time, then personal study, then sacrament meeting, then priesthood, then district meeting, then leadership meeting and then an hour to rest and relax then we have more meetings as missionaries.  We don't get much time to rest.  Oh yesterday we had a devotional and we heard from the second counselor in the area presidency, and I got to shake his hand.

[I just wanted to double check the email rules, you can email back and forth with your Dad and I, Megan and your Grandparents, right?]  I just checked, we are only supposed to email our grandparents and just the family that we live with.

I miss you all too!  Love you guys, Elder Adam Michael McBarron

P.S.  I wouldn't try to send me a package while I am at the CTM, because I won't get it unless it comes through the postal service and then there is still a big chance that I may not get it.  Tell everyone that I say hi and that I miss them.  I would like to hear about any funny stories about Wednesday [our dog] if any happen.  I will email you all again next week, until then good luck with life.

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