Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today's Email - 5/18/11

Here is Adam's email this week, my questions are in brackets.

There really isn't much going on lately.  Everything is going well.

[How is the language coming along?]  The language is slowly coming.

[Having one roommate at BYUH was interesting, but having five must be really interesting.]  Yeah, it is really weird having more than one roommate.

[As I told you I have been going through Preach my Gospel and I see that there is alot of paper work out in the field, are they teaching you how to do that at the CTM?]  We aren't really covering the paperwork other than in the planners, we are probably going to be learning that from our trainers in the field.

[Do you get to go outside much?]  I only get to go outside on P-days.

[What does Sao Paolo look like?]  Sao Paulo is beautiful, its kind of hard to explain how it looks.

[What have you been doing on your P-days?]  For P-days I have been just going to the temple, and then going into the some of the shops around here to get a few ties and stuff for classes and writing letters, and I have been writing letters too.  Today was a really special day for me at the temple, as I was getting ready to go through my session at the temple, I was sitting in the chapel and I could feel the person I was going through for, his name was Juliene Hamon.  I felt the joy that he had for the work being done.

Oh I almost forgot that I met a Brazilian missionary yesterday that Elder Custer [another missionary from our ward who is serving in Campanias, Brazil] was serving in his home ward or branch, which was really cool.  We had 2 of our roommates leave tuesday and we should be getting new roommates either today or tomorrow.  This past week I met a sister missionary that is from Kent, that was pretty cool.  I haven't met really anyone else that is from nearby us, they are either from more north or south of us.  I can't wait to see who and where the new missionaries are from that are arriving today and tomorrow.  I hope all is going well back home, and yeah it is kind of wierd that both dad and I are out of country.  I love you all and miss you and everyone else too.  I have pictures, but I just can't send them while I am at the CTM, once I get in the field I will be sending quite a few pictures. ttyl

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