Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Email from Elder McBarron

Here is our first email from Adam, I was so excited to see the email I was practically jumping up and down!  My comments are in brackets after some of what he says just to explain some stuff.  Can't wait until next Wednesday!
Missionary Training Center in Sao Paolo, Brazil
(Centro de treinamento Misionario or CTM)

Hey Mom, it is really fun to be here at the CTM.  My companion is Elder Spencer, one of the guys that I was telling you about on the phone going to Vitoria with me [he was Adam's seat companion on the flight and he is from Puyallup, WA].  I only get about 30 minutes each week to get on the internet [unfortunately, he can only email immediate family].  If you could send letters that would be nice.  It takes about a week to get the letters, and they have to be sent to the CTM for me to get them right now.  I miss coming home after church too [I told him I miss seeing him and Christina walk through the door after church on Sundays]. 
Sao Paolo Brazil Temple
I got to go to the temple today, it was very beautiful.  Grandpa would have loved it because of some of the architecture in there.  I miss you all and can't wait for the letters.  I can only go out and send my letters on p-day as well [his p-days are Wednesdays], but I can read them when ever I get them.  I will be sending a letter to you guys, and there will be a letter for Christina in there as well.

Tell dad that that should be fun for him to go and experience Japan [he has to go for work] and tell him thanks for the advice.  I had heard about Osama bin Laden here at the CTM.  Me and my companion were the first missionaries to know in the CTM about him being killed.  My companion is the district leader. 

I can't think of anything else to include in my email other than to tell everyone hi and I miss them for me, especially Megan, Christina and Wednesday [our dog] even though Wednesday won't really understand it.  Happy Mothers Day Mom!  I hope you have a good one!  I hope you get my letters soon and I hope that I get your letters soon.  Miss you all and also enjoying the beautiful country of Brazil.

Sincerely, Elder McBarron

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  1. yeah!!! getting that 1st email is sooooooooooo exciting!!!! :)


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