Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6/1/11 Email from the CTM

This week's email from Adam, my questions are in brackets.

It has already been a month, and I am getting anxious to get out to the field.  I will be leaving the CTM a week early because of the change in my mission president taking place on the 28th when i was supposed to head out.  I got the letter saying that I could pick up my package on friday so I will be picking it up today. 

[What kinds of things do you do during your workouts?]  We run for 5 to 10 mins and either lift weights or play volleyball or sometimes both for our workouts. 

[What did you learn in your classes this past week that made an impact on you?]  I learned how to make street contacts this last week, which is good because this friday I am going to have to go out into Sao Paulo for about an hour and a half and make street contacts as part of my CTM training.

[What was the funniest moment or moments you've had in the CTM so far?]  My funniest moments are pretty much just talking with some of the elders that are here at the CTM or just hanging out with the elders in my district, there are just too many things rushing through my brain to say any of them and I don't have enough time to put them down either.

[What is your favorite thing to say in Portuguese?]  My favorite thing to say in in Portuguese is água-viva which means jelly fish, don't ask me why I just think that it is kind of funny.

[How many different teachers do you have and what do they teach?]  I have 2 different teachers and they teach Portuguese and gospel, for both of them, and they are really cool people.

[Any spiritual impressions this week?]  I didn't really have any spiritual impressions this week that I could put on here.

I miss you all and I really enjoy the letters and cards! love you guys and miss you, could you pass that on to everyone for me please!

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