Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adam's First Area - Ancheita

This is Adam's email from his first area.  I looked up Ancheita online and so I have added a few pictures of the area to this email.  My questions are in brackets.

[How many missionaries flew to Vitoria with you today?]  There were 14 missionaries that flew out total to Vitória.

[Did you stay at the mission home or go straight out to your first area?]  I went straight to my first area, my first area is called Ancheita.

Shrine of the Blessed Jose
Anchieta gate access
Late afternoon on the beach of Anchieta

[Who is your new companion?]  My new companion is Elder Turley, he is from Utah.

[What area are you in and what is it like?] Where we are is right on the beach.  It is really pretty I will put pictures on later on in my emails.

[What is where you are living like?] Our appartment is pretty small.
River that runs through the
City of Anchieta

Just to let you know I will only get it packages at transfers, hey its also the same with mail too.  I guess that President Pickett made a rule that missionaries can only email their immediate family, so could you pass that on.  Sorry that really stinks, I will definitely reply to every letter I get, but it will be after 10 or so weeks that you will get a reply to the letter. 
I am loving the area, there isn't a baptismal font here so we get to baptize in the ocean, and we have a baptism scheduled for next week, and I guess that I get to be the one to perform it.  I am really excited for and I hope that I can perform that baptism.  I love the people around here, they are really cool, I just wish that I could communicate more with them than I can. My companion is awesome! I am really tired from all of the walking that I am doing now, but it is so much fun.  I can't wait until I can say more.  I miss everyone and love you all.  Seu Filho Elder Adam McBarron

Edge of the beach in Anchieta
End of the afternoon with
panoramic beach of Ancheita

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