Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/15/11 Email

My week was really good, I didn't really have much going on this past week. Our district got 5 new missionaries, 2 of which are going to Vitoria with us. I probably won't find out where I will be going to until I get to the mission home. I am so excited to be leaving the CTM and I can't wait for the field. I will be flying there because it would be a 5 hour bus ride from Sao Paulo to Vitoria.

[Can you have a conversation in Portuguese now?] I can have a very simple conversation, but not much after that.  I can talk to them about the church and other than that, nothing.

[Are the other Vitoria missionaries that you arrived with leaving with you next week?]  Yes all of the Vitoria missionaries will be leaving at the same time, even the ones that just arrived from Provo that spent their MTC time there.

[What are the most important things you have learned in the CTM?]  The most important thing that I have learned here is the importance of following the spirit and having the spirit with you at all times.

[Are you feeling prepared to head out into the mission field?]  I am prepared to head out to the mission field, but not totally.  I still need to work on the language, but I have also recognized that its not always the best speaking missionary that can teach, but the missionary that speaks the best from the heart.  I have learned that if you can only say simple sentences and you truly mean them with all your heart then that is when the spirit will truly speak to the hearts of the people, and from there, I can continue to work on my language skills.  But that has been told to me that that will come in time, and that I will be able to speak fluently by my sixth month.

I miss everyone back home and love you all.  I hope that you are all doing well.  I am excited to be able to email more people and I can't wait for my first p-day out in the field.  I don't know when that will be though, so if I don't reply for a while to your next email don't worry, its because I didn't have a p-day next week.  My best of wishes to everyone. Sua filho (your son) Elder Adam McBarron

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