Friday, June 10, 2011

6/8/11 Email

I am doing really well, in about a week you should start sending me letters at the mission home, but if you forget, they will forward the letters to me from the CTM.  We had a sweet thunderstorm yesterday, I really enjoyed it.

[When does your new mission president start?]  My new mission president starts the day that I was supposed to report to the field, Junho 28th.

[Have you learned much about him?]  The only thing that I have learned about him is that he does not speak any English at all.

[How did your street contacts go in Sao Paulo?]  The street contacts went really well,  I was able to give out a Book of Mormon, which was pretty cool.  I gave it to a guy whose name was Mateo.

[Where are your other roommates from and what are they like?]  My companion is from Puyallup, and then my other 2 roommates are from Spokane.  One of my roommates that is from Spokane is kind of like me, and my companion and his companion are kind of our opposites.

[Any pranks in the CTM, or is everyone more serious?]  We have played some pranks, within our district and some on other districts.  One that happen the other night was that we have bunkbeds, and we took out the support for the top bed and just laid the mattress back on top of it and when they sat down on the bed, they and the mattress went straight down.  I actually didn't take part in the prank, I was just a spectator.  We play pranks pretty much almost every other day.

[What has been your best day at the CTM so far?]  My best day so far would have to be either the street contacts in Sao Paulo, or every p-day when we go to the temple.

I really enjoyed the package thank you!   There were 18 cookies, a thing of Pringles, 2 packs of peanut m&ms, a Snickers bar, 2 things of envelopes, a sheet of stamps, and a jar of creamy peanut butter. Thank you!  Love you guys and miss you, please pass that message around.

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