Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4/13 Email From Vitória

I will be staying here in Vitoria and I am going to finish my mission here. I am going to have fun here in the area and the ward. I have no idea who will be my companion still, it will only be tomorrow that I will find out. It is weird thinking that this will be my last transfer here on the mission and then I will be coming home, it has gone by really fast.  I am glad, but a little sad, that this will be my last transfer. I am looking forward to getting a new companion and that I will be staying here in the area.
Dad, you asked me what the flavor of the week is and it is root beer.  It is the flavor of the week because that is something that I am missing.  We had a lot of lasagna at lunch with the bishop yesterday and I ate until I couldn't any more, that was fun. 

So you asked about p-days, if we played sports or went hunting.  We can't play soccer anymore, it has been prohibited by the Area Presidency, not sure why.  I would have liked to have gone hunting with a member but, they can't go hunting here in Brazil with guns.  The only people that are allowed to use guns are the military and the police here.

We have been getting some teaching in but at times it is hard because everyone here is usually busy. But we are finding people that we can visit.  We are visiting friends just to visit, which is fun, but also it counts as a lesson because they are less active. 

There is something funny about this mission that President pointed out this week.  This is the best mission in the world because it is the only mission that is in Espirito Santo (which means "the Holy Spirit"), that has the city of Gloria ("glory") and the city of Vitória ("victory") in it.  I thought that that was pretty cool.
I only have one picture for you today, it is of a family night that we had last night with some members of the ward and it was pretty fun.  I gave a message about courage.
So I am in my last transfer, that is going to be strange, but I will make every moment fun so that everything will go by faster and so I will have a good time.  I am trunky, but it is a good thing and I am going to have as much fun, or at least try to, as I work and I plan to work hard.  I only have 6 more weeks, so Mom you just have to wait 6 more weeks, okay and then I will be home, don't get too antsy.
Miss you.
Elder McBarron

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