Monday, March 11, 2013

3/11/13 Email From Vitória

So the transfers went very well, my new companion is Elder Powell, he is from the Tri-Cities.  He is really cool, he likes Star Wars and a lot of the same kind of stuff that I like and we are always talking about that kind of stuff and  it is really fun to geek out.  We both love to play sports but we both love nerdy things too, so that is pretty cool.  This will be one of the best transfers that I have had on the mission other that being with my trainer and with Elder Litchfield. 

Things are running great here now.  It is really hot here right now and it kind of stinks, I would love a smoothie right now.  We are working hard and everything is turning out fine.  We are working with the members.  We got to teach a few lessons this week, but it was mostly with recent converts and which were were the best lessons this week, the most spiritual lessons.  It has been cool to see that the Spirit actually guides your works and guides you to scriptures that you need to share with others.  We have been getting snacks and references from the members and that is turning out great.  We have a few references that we are going to work with them this week and that is going to be fine.

I won't be getting my travel information until probably next week or the week after.  I don't have anymore transfers left and I have 5 more weeks which is still a pretty long time.  That is going to be just enough time to get everything ready for a few more baptisms.  We are trying to get some baptisms set up and as we both really want to baptize this transfer.

My best experience was getting my new companion and it has been fun talking with him this whole week and just having fun with everything.   I don't really have too much more to say, but I will have a photo for you this next Monday and that I got a really good companion and this is going to be a really good transfer.  Miss you and love you .

Elder McBarron

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