Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18/13 Email From Vitória

This week was one of those weeks where you evaluate the teaching pool.  We are trying to build up a new teaching pool, we are going to try and have a baptism this week but if not this week it will probably be the next week. He is a brother of a recent convert and his family has told us that he really likes us.  Our baptism that was lined up for this week fell through.

So what made this week fun was that I was able to just have fun really, me and my companion we have just been getting along really well and well that is just great.  It helps to have a companion that you can just have fun with them.

I did a contact in the street with a very beautiful girl and I have no idea how I did it.  The spirit was definitely guiding my words with that contact because I would normally have frozen.  My companion was a witness to all of that because afterwards I said, "how in the world did I do that?"  I had him write down what happened from his point of view.  That has to be part of the most spiritual experiences this week and the other part would be being able to watch "17 Miracles" this week for the first time on the mission.  The best thing that we did this week was having had lunch with Mauricio on Monday and we just relaxed.

I will probably be getting my travel info next week, so I will let you know what will be happening.
I don't know what else to tell you because that was all of the big stuff that happened this week that I can remember. Miss you.

Elder McBarron

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