Thursday, March 1, 2012

2/27/12 Email from Guarapari

[Adam's email, our questions & comments are in brackets.]
This week was ok, it didn't have the results that we wanted but it was good.
[How hot has it gotten there? Isn't January supposed to be the hottest month, so has it started to cool off a little?]  It has gotten up to 38 degrees C which is about 100 degrees F.  It is not starting to cool off yet, it will start to do that probably in the middle of March.
[When is carnaval? What are the plans for what you are to do? What exactly is carnaval anyway?]  We had Carnaval this week, we left our house early and then came home around 5 and studied.  Carnaval is pretty much a giant party like Mardi Gra, but it lasts a lot longer.
[What are you doing to keep it fun while you are out working? Are you working with many people right now? Getting close with anyone?]  We are starting to teach a lot more people.  We have two that are ready for baptism.  We are also teaching a few other people that are getting close to being ready, we will be marking dates with them this week.  I am really liking the members, I am starting to work with the less actives to bring them back to church.
[Are you keeping it fun?]  I have a lot of fun with my companion, we make up goofy stories as we are walking around.  Someone will say something and then the other will build off of that.
[What was your best experience this week?]  The best experience this week, hmm, well I have two.  I had an exchange with my district leader and we visited a recent convert of his that is now in my area.  We  laughed a lot with her and felt the spirit strongly there.  The other is that we had 3 BBQ's this week in our house and we will have another today.
I realized that today I have only 2 more months until I have 1 year on the mission.  Well, I don't have any photos of my apartment today but I will try again next week.  Miss you all and love you all

Elder McBarron

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