Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/12/12 Email from Colatina

[Where is the new area and who is your new companion?]  Well I am doing ok, I am in my new area, working and all that. My new area is called Colatina there are a lot of hills in my new area.  My new companion is Elder Zaranza, his is from Manausse.  I like him and he just got done being trained.  We have nothing set up, they left nothing for this transfer and I have no idea what they have been doing.  I am pretty much opening a new area.
[So what have you done for fun? how is the new ward/branch?]  For fun I have been climbing hills and taking pictures, I got my camera back at the transfers.
[Did you have to stand and speak your first Sunday? Do you have a ward mission leader?]  I like the branch and I didn't have to talk the first Sunday.  We don't have a ward mission leader here.
Elder McBarron


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