Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/5/12 Email from Guarapari

I am doing good other than being transferred again and this time I am the only one that is being transferred, everyone else is staying.
[What did you do over the last week, did you teach or just knock doors all week?]  We worked our butts off this week and walking this week was a pain because summer is supposed to be ending and it is just getting hotter here.  It is supposed to be turning into fall but it is just getting hotter and hotter.  We taught some people and tried to find some of the less actives or inactives in the area.

Men in Black pose : )
[What was the most spiritual thing that happened?]  The most spiritual thing that happened this week was that we were starting a program in the branch and we needed to pick two families, and we knelt and prayed and chose two.  Afterwards the wife in one of the families said that as soon as we walked in with the kit that she was on of the families to help us with missionary work, she knew that it was for her.  She said that week she realized that she could be doing more for the missionaries and she decided that she will help more with the work.  It just goes to show that the spirit guides us in our work.
[What is the best story of the week?]  I got to see a dog trip over another dog and then it looked around to see if anyone saw what happened and then ran away.
[How did carnival week go, were you able to stay out of trouble?]  Carnaval was okay we stayed out of trouble, we had to be indoors by 5pm.
[What was your best experience this week?]  Well one of the best experiences this week was getting to see Irmão Mauricio, my CTM instructor.  It was really cool to get the opportunity to talk with him again and everything.
Oh, I thought of something this last week, I only have 2 months until I have been on the mission for one year, that will be one transfer pretty much.  Miss you all and love you all !

Elder McBarron

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