Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/20/12 Email from Guarapari

[How did the week go? Are you still with Elder Collins, I thought you said that you had a new companion?]  No I am not with Elder Collins still, I am with Elder Kopetski.  My week went pretty good, we have been trying to work our butts off, we have been trying to work with old investigators, but it is hard to find their houses because they have changed the names of the streets and also they have moved the numbers too, and the members that were helping them are now in active and we don't know where they live.

[Are you still still feeling nostalgia about being back in the old neighborhood? Are you still tearing up the neighborhood and teaching up a storm?]  I am still loving that I am in my old stomping ground.  It is also a little hard to teach people this week because they are getting ready for carnival or they are traveling for carnival.

[Last week you mentioned playing Monopoly, what's that all about?]  Yeah we play Monopoly Deal a lot, it is really fun.  At first I thought that it was kind of weird but now it is awesome!  I bought a deck of it in Portuguese.

[What was the most fun this week?]  The most fun this week was pretty much all of the lunches, we had some pretty interesting conversations this week in the lunches.

[Do you have a baptism this week?]  We don't have any baptisms set up, our dates fell through.

[So is the ward mission leader the same person as in Ancihetia, since that branch was absorbed?]  The branch mission leader is not the same as Anchieta because we didn't have one in the group of Anchieta.

[Did you get your camera back from your mission president?]  I didn't get my camera back yet.  I have not seen president yet, but I have been taking pictures with our phone.

[What is your new town, apartment and roommates like?  Our apartment is near the chapel of the branch, it is in the center of Guarapari basically.  One of my new roommates is Elder Pellegrini.  He is from  Utah, he lives in Cedar City and his mom was following my blog before his mission.   My other roommate is from São Paulo, his name is Elder Santana.

[What is your new ward like and what cool things are in your new area?]  I have the beach in my area and also the chapel those are the only interesting points that I can think of right now.  I will take photos of the apartment with our phone and send them to you next week.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was giving a talk in sacrament meeting, I talked about missionary work.

[We have a new missionary in our ward that arrived last week, he asked dad today if we were visitors and dad said, "yes, every week."]  That is pretty funny with the new missionary, it is even more for me because I know what he was thinking and feeling at that time.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I found out this week when Elder Buttars (the zone leader) was here on an exchange, that I am the senior companion.

Love you and miss you

Elder McBarron

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