Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12 email from Guarapari

[Adam's email this week, our questions and comments are in brackets.]
[So did you and your new companion tear it up this last week?  Were you guys productive?]  This past week we tore up the area, we are all over the place.
[How was the baptism?]  We had two baptisms marked, they were the daughters of two different families.  The baptism didn't happen yet, they will be this Friday. 
[How is the family that you have been working with? Any new people added to the pool?]  We don't really have too many people that we added to the pool.
[What have you been doing and finding out about your new companion and roommates?  What fun things have you missionaries been doing lately?]  Just being with Elder Collins was fun. We were just goofing around, I knew Elder Collins fairly well before we were companions.  I haven't really learned much about the other missionaries, and I won't really have the chance to now because I was transferred to another area because of a situation that ocured in the other area.  I am now in Guarapai.  I have a new companion to get to know and also new roommates to get to know.
[What were your best experience this week?]  The most spiritual was at a baptism that the other missionaries had, and doing a service project before the baptism.  The most interesting was that a dog followed us for a whole day and all of the way to our apartment and then tried to follow us another day but we left the dog with a member and then they let it out a little while after we left.  We then found the dog when we were visiting a less active member and realized that it was their dog.  My best part of the week was that we marked two dates and they are ready to be baptized, but that bad part was that I won't be there to have these baptisms happen.

miss you all

Elder McBarron

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