Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12 Email from Guarapari

Adam with one of his Christmas presents
[How is the new area? Did you get the problem that you were transferred there for taken care of?  Tell us what your new area looks like.]  The problem is good now, president took care of it when he said don't work in this area with this person.  The new area is really good, it is beach front.  We get to see the beach everyday and we also have an area that is more inland that is more of a forest and we also have a part that is like a swamp.  We pretty much have everything in our area.  We also have the center of Guarapari in our area (that is the correct spelling of the city, I miss spelled it last week.)  The only thing that we have to worry about is this coming week will be carnaval, but president will have some rules for us for this week of carnaval. 

[Tell us what your new apartment is like.]  My new apartment is better than the one in Jardim Limoeiro, it is a little smaller but everything is in better condition.
[Who is your new companion, what is he like?]  My new companion is a Brazilian, his name is Elder Kopetski, he is from Curitiba. He talks a lot and we joke alot.

[What is the ward like, the members?]   I am now in a branch, it has a lot of the members from the group of Anchieta there, because Anchieta is a part of this branch and the group in Anchieta closed.  The members here are helping a lot.

[Were you able to go back for the 2 baptisms that you had scheduled?]  No I was not able to go back for the baptism that was last week and I will not be able to go back for the baptism that is this week.

[How is your teaching pool?]  Our teaching pool is growing here, we have a baptism date set for the 25th of February.

[What was the weirdest thing of the week?]  The weirdest thing this week was being back near my old stomping ground Anchieta, and also seeing a lot of the members from Anchieta.

[What was the most fun?]  That was the most fun also seeing all of the people from Anchieta. Well and also playing monopoly deal with my companion and the other missionaries that live with us.

[What was the most spiritual?]  The most spiritual was teaching a member that "left" the church, she just stopped going to church because people stopped visiting her and somone said bad things about the church.  We are working with her to try and help her come back to church, we both bore our testimonies about the church and what satan does to try and stop our progression.

[Have you started to get a little trunky yet, do you have the count down started yet?]  No I have not started to get trunky yet.  I haven't gotten to the year mark yet, but I am pretty sure that after that I will start to get a little trunky.  I have not started to count down yet.

[Did you take any pictures this week?]  Well, I didn't take any pictures this week, I am right now without a camera.  I accidentally left my camera in President Araújo´s car, he has it and is keeping it safe for me until  I can get it or my zone leaders can.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was seeing all of the people from Anchieta again.

Miss you all and love you all, Happy Valentines Day!

Elder McBarron

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