Thursday, December 8, 2011

12/5/11 Email from Jardim Limoeiro

[Email from Adam this week, our question are in brackets]
[How did the week go?]  My toe is doing better.  The week was a so so week.
[Did you find any new people to teach?]  We found new people to teach, we will continue to try and work with them for a little while longer.
[Did you have your baptism last week?]  We didn't have a baptism yesterday and we don't have a baptism this Sunday.
[Are you ready for Christmas?]  I am ready for Christmas, I don't have my other package yet, but I haven't been to the mission office to see if they have them.
[What was the best thing from last week?]  The best thing about this week was playing soccer with my zone.
[What was the worst thing from last week?]  The worst was that we had most of our appointments for 3 days fall, and we had flash floods almost every day this week.
[Did you meet any new and interesting people?]  I met a man that is a free mason that was pretty interesting.
[Are you transferring before Christmas?]  I do not know if I will be transferred or not before Christmas until Sunday.
[You said that most people there only eat one meal a day and on fast day we are to fast 2 meals, so what does it mean to fast there?]  Here in Brazil we fast from lunch to lunch, one day to the other.
[Where do you meet the most people?]  I meet the most people in my area in a part called Setor America in the neighborhood of Cidade Contental.
[What are some of the weird things that have happened to you so far?]  I have had my hand kissed a couple of times by drunks and was almost kissed by a drunk when we were talking with him.  I have had young women here hit on me because I am American and also a missionary.
[What are the things you admire most about the people of Brazil?]  Something that I admire most about the people of Brazil is that a lot of them are humble.
[Did you get to teach any lessons this week or meet with members, how was it?]  We have been helping reactivate an inactive member and he was at church this Sunday and all of the members were welcoming him back it was really cool to see, because this ward doesn't always really talk with people or help others very often, but we are helping make this ward a better ward.  That probably has to be one of my best experiences this week.  This week we didn't do so hot on lessons, a lot of our appointments fell.
That is pretty much it for the week.

Elder McBarron

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