Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/26/11 Email from Jardim Limoeiro & Christmas Skype

[We had so much fun talking to Adam on Christmas.  He was able to Skype us, he was at the Elder's Quorum's President's home using his computer, and it was so amazing to actually see his face as we talked.  We talked and laughed for over an hour.  He looked really good and really happy.  We got to see his companion and wave hello too.  We talked about his many experiences there in Brazil and we caught him up on things at home that we haven't addressed in emails and letters.  It was a joyful experience especially since we haven't seen his face in 8 months.  Here is his email this week, shorter than usual because we spoke the day before.]

I had a good Christmas!  I missed being at the house with all of you for Christmas, and I almost teared up after I signed off.  I was glad that I talked as long as I did.  Dad you should go pig hunting with Uncle Dave and get a pig for me and go and have fun and remember to take your allergy medicine and all that.  Have fun with what ever you can this.  I want to start something with you if I can, I want you, if you can, to wake up earlier, only 30 minutes earlier, and do a little bit of exercise.  I will be doing the same thing every morning.  

It was good talking with you all yesterday miss you all and love you all

Elder McBarron

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