Thursday, November 17, 2011

11/14/11 Jardim Limoeiro

[Adam's email this week, our questions are in brackets]
My week was pretty crazy, we had meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I had a division with the assistants on Friday.  Monday and Saturday were pretty much just a normal day, and on Sunday I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting.
[Are you up for transfer this go round or are you staying for a few more months?]  I am thinking right now that I will be staying in my area until after Christmas, but that is just my thoughts for now, I don't know what will happen on the 13th of December. 
[Have you set date for the two pending baptisms?]  We have three dates setup right now, one for this Sunday, one for next Sunday and one for December 10th.  Hopefully we will get all of these people baptized, I am pretty sure that they will be baptized.
[Meet any new and interesting people?]  The only new and interesting person that I have met other than my companion is a new guy from the south of Brazil.  He and my companion, who is also from the south, drink an herbal tea (which is not against the Word of Wisdom) called Chimarrão.  I have had it a few times, it tastes kind of like hay.
[Are you a senior companion this time?]  My companion has the calling of senior in our dupla, but I am pretty much the senior, he even said that.  He is kind of like a little kid, our dupla is a strange one.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was the division I had with one of the assistants to the President and I was with the assistant that was my zone leader when I first got into the field, Elder Thompson.  I spent the day in Vitória.  I will pass a photo for you all of a part that I took next week, the computer that I am using is being a pain for the photos.  Also when I was giving a talk in sacrament meeting here.  I had many people telling me it was a good talk, even the bishop of the ward said that he thought that the people really understood what I was talking about.  My talk was on missionary work and I focused on the missionary work of members.
Seu Filho Elder McBarron

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