Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/17/11 Email from Jardim Limoeiro

[Adam's email this week  our questions are in brackets.]
The mail strike is officially over now, it has been going on for the past month or so, but it is over now.
[How did your baptism go?]  We didn't have our baptism because of complications with the family, but hey what can you do but work through it.
[What lessons did you get to teach this week?]  We have pretty much been teaching the first lesson all week or the word of wisdom.  We are trying to help a lady stop smoking, drinking alcohol and drinking coffee.
[What was the best thing of the week?]  We had interviews with president this week, that was good.
[How do you make tracting fun?  How long do you tract?]  We tract pretty much all day everyday, we are contacting people to and from appointments and also knocking doors when our appointments fall.
[How much do you teach?]  I teach quite a bit, I am even able to use my own explanations for somethings now.
[Have your people been coming to church?]  We had 2 people come to church this week, which i am grateful for.
[What has been your most interesting tracting experience, besides the dogs?]  My most interesting tracting experience has to be with the drunks in the street.  Last night we had a drunk come up to us and ask us who the greatest prophet was, we responded Jesus Christ.  He then said, "and after him?"  We replied Moses (because he doesn't know about Joseph Smith) he said, "exactly, and Adam was not a prophet."  We said, "oh but he was."  Then the drunk just walked off.  Another experience was with this other guy at his door.  He called us over and asked if we were pastors.  We said we were missionaries.  He told us to teach him so we said a little bit of our message and then asked if we could come back and share the rest later.  He said ok and then handed us money because he thought that we were cops.  It was pretty interesting.  We handed the money to his neighbor and asked him to give it back to the guy.  This guy was pretty drunk, he was talking to himself and others under his breath. Both were pretty interesting.
[Has your ward mission leader gotten any better?]  Our LMA is getting better, he is getting more and more experience, and the bishop is playing a huge roll in our missionary work as well.  He is helping pretty much reform the missionary work in the ward.
[How hot is it now?]  It is pretty hot here, I don't know the exact temperature.
[How does your new companion help you be a better missionary?]  He helps we with the language and is helping me to mess around a little more.
[How are your feet doing, are you taking care of them?]  I am taking care of my feet as best as I can down here, as soon as I get into the apartment my shoes come off right away, so that my feet can breath and relax.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience is about a lady and we pretty much told her she is not doing her part to see if the church is true.  She has received answers plenty already that it is.  She was at church this week which is good.  I also had an experience with an investigator that is having problems accepting that she needs to join the church.  She hasn't been coming to church (until this last Sunday) and she has had many dreams about the church telling her that she needs to join.   We were pretty straight forward with her, speaking with the spirit, we pretty much told her, "you are ready for baptism, you have received answers to your prayers that very few people receive."  I told here that she needs to be following the voice that she is hearing, the voice of Christ and do the right things, and that He loves her and wants her to do those things that are right, and as she does this she will receive blessings and knowledge.
I miss you all and hope you are doing well.
Elder McBarron

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