Monday, October 10, 2011

10/10/11 Email from Jardim Limoeiro

[Adam's email for this week, our questions are in brackets.]

[How are those you are working with?]  This week was so much better than last week, we had 2 investigators at church, that is a huge change from zero.  We also have a baptism this week! She is a mother of a member and we found her the first day that we were here, but we didn't know what her pace for accepting the gospel would be and all that because their family had already been taught before about a year ago.  We ended up having to quit going to see an investigator.  She hasn't been to church in 5 weeks and we asked her to talk with her "husband" about getting legally married the first week that we were in the area, and she still has not done it.  We are trying to find new people to work with because the ones that we are working with are progressing slowly and we need new people in our teaching pool.
[How is the new companion?]  My new companion is pretty cool.
[How is the new area?  Are you still walking 10-15 miles a day or do you have a transit system to get you around?]  The new area is huge, and yes we are still walking about 10 miles a day.  We have a transit system here, but it is pretty expensive for what little distance we are going.
[How is the language coming?]  The language is still coming, I can speak more but I still don't have a very large vocabulary to use, I still have a lot to learn.
[Are you taking advantage of daily study?]  I love my daily study, I wish that it was longer.
[What did you do to have fun last week?]  For fun we mess around in the apartment with the other elders before we go to bed and after we wake up. We spend a lot of time with the other set of missionaries.  Me and my companion also do a little radio recording with our cellphone in the streets every day, that is pretty fun.
[How is the food situation?]  Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have had chicken heart, chicken foot, and liver here.  The chicken heart and the liver were pretty good, the chicken foot was just weird.
[What was you best spiritual experience last week?]  My most spiritual experience this week was when we were teaching this guy that we had knocked at his door.  He started talking about authority that everyone has the authority to do things in the Lord's name and have the power to do so, and that all we had to do is to read the bible and accept Christ into our lives to receive this power.  My companion started showing him scriptures and talking with him about it for a good amount of time.  I was getting bored because I couldn't really help him and it was getting way off topic of the lesson.  Then I got a pretty strong prompting to ask the guy if we could finish our message.  I had to say irmão 3 times before he would listen to me, but after I asked the question he pretty much just stopped talking.  That was a pretty big demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost to me.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was having a baptism interview with one of our investigators and also having her pass, her baptism is next week.
[Do you need or want anything?]  At this moment I don't need anything, but anything that you would like to send would be appreciated.
Elder McBarron

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