Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/13 Email From Vitória

I am now with a toe that is getting better. I am now walking with shoes again and my toe is doing better, which is good. My new companion was only with me for one week and then I got a new companion, one of the assistants, but that will probably change today. I was with this assistant because my companion was pretty sick and president wanted me to still work in the area. With my regular companion we were going to the doctor or the labs pretty much during the whole week that I was with him. My companion was not getting better and he is now living with president and sister and he might have to go back home. So because of that I am now the companion of one of the assistants until today. I will be getting a new companion and I have no idea who it will be.

I didn't get to send my emails yesterday because I was in the mission office working with an assistant of the mission. I am staying in the area and will be getting a new companion again the fourth time this transfer.

The fun thing this week was working with Elder Oliveira, the assistant. We have had a lot of good ideas that we are going to put into practice in the ward. Also, we have been having fun messing around as we are working. We have been working very hard and have been nonstop the whole week.
I have had a lot of fun just living with Elder Oliveira and working with him.

I will only have one more transfer after today which is strange. Yesterday I got to see the missionaries that are going home be interviewed and it was kind of strange. I don't know what else to say, I will tell you more after the transfer next week. We have to go so that we can get everything done before we have to go to the transfers and we have to do a few more things before the transfer so that everything runs smoothly.

Miss you and love ya!
Elder McBarron

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