Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Email From Vitória

This week it rained so much that it flooded in our neighborhood. We had to walk in the water to get to our house. I took a pic that you might like.  The AP's have been traveling with our Mission President this week so they have not been home for the last week.   We did have our baptism, that was pretty cool.

We had the transfer, it wasn't time for regular transfers, this was an emergency transfer.   Regular transfers are on the 29th, but Elder Johnson needed to come here to be near the doctors so that is why the emergency transfer happened.  My new companion is Elder B. Johnson and he is American.  He has been out on his mission for only about four months.  So I am now a translator, a Portuguese teacher and a missionary, pretty cool huh!  Elder Johnson is cool and he is with me because he is sick and needs to be nearby the doctors which means I am training him, well, I am only finishing his training.

Well, this past week I had to get my whole toenail removed.  My toe nail got ingrown on the other side of the nail this time so they had me go and get the whole nail removed, yeah I don't have a nail now.  That wasn't fun and I have rested with my companion who has had stomach problems for the past month.   I am doing all that I can to help him get better as well as help myself get better.  We will hopefully find out this week what is going on with him.

This week was a fast paced but a slow blur.   We were in the doctor's office almost everyday this week for either me or my companion so we didn't really get opportunities to meet many people because we were either at the doctor's office or at home resting.  We did have a ward activity that was pretty cool, we got to eat ice cream and the members had a dance class and they played volleyball. I would do that again in a heart beat.  Well that is pretty much all that happened this week.
I have two more transfers and then I will be home, that is really weird. Miss you and love ya!

Elder McBarron

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