Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/12 Email From São Mateus

Ok so this week was a better week than the past few all around no sicknesses with either me or my companion that was great! This week we went to an English class to help with the students to hear the accent of a native speaker, that was pretty fun, but difficult.

We had a conference that we went to this week that was pretty cool. I got to see a lot of the members that I know from other areas that were there. We got to hear from someone from the Seventy speak to us and that was really cool, he pretty much just taught about missionary work and about service, his name was Elder Griender and that was really cool. We went to Colatina for that (that is about a 3 hour trip), and as we were going there, there were 4 people that were throwing up during the whole trip, everyone was happy to get off the bus. Do you remember the area where I said it was always hot and where I got sick really sick one day? Yeah, it was there but it was surprisingly cool there yesterday which was really weird.

We got to use the bikes again for one day and I took some pics. As we were out trying to find an address we saw a kid whacking a piece of wood against the ground and then walk away and afterwards we saw why, we found a snake that had had its head smashed up by the kid and so we had to take a picture of the to show as well.

I got the packages from you guys and liked was was in them that was not wrapped. I really am liking to treats and I can't wait to open the presents. I have to admit that when I got the package on of the presents had the wrapping paper ripped all the way around it and I could already see what it was so I took the wrapping paper off the missionary statues and that was a pretty cool gift. I really liked the Captain America stuff and the the blue, green and yellow tie.

So as for the meat in last week's picture that you asked about, it was really good. We went and got a lot of meat and then cooked it in the grill. The rolls were soft but not too soft, they are actually a type of bread here, so we ate the meat with that and it was really good especially with the BBQ sauce.

I have thought about home and coming home, but I am trying not too right now but it is kind of hard not too because I am in a house where there is another elder that is close to going home, but he is closer to going home than I am. So it is a little hard but it is fun talking about some of the stuff with him. I try to stay focused on the work and I am sure that mom is counting the hours.

So we are getting ready for the holiday season, one of the other missionaries has put up some Christmas lights in our apartment and I have my lego tree up and we are already singing Christmas hymns. We can't wait. I don't know what else to write for you as there wasn't really too much else that went on other than that here in my area.

Miss you and love you!

Elder McBarron

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