Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/8/12 Email fromn São Mateus

[What kind of week did you have? Don't you have a baptism this week? You have pictures of the new area?] 

This week was a good week, we marked 8 more baptisms, all of our baptisms are marked for the 19th and the 26th, we don't have any before then. This week I could see the adversary tries to stop the work of the Lord, he was working hard this week with our investigators.  He is not liking what we are doing here in our area, we are working like mad men.  We are teaching a lot of people and we are receiving references like crazy from the members.

I have no idea how many miles we walk each day but it is a lot.  I am really liking the area, me and my companion are trying to get bikes from our mission president for our area because it is so huge and our investigators do not live near each other.  We will see how that goes. miss ya dad

[We are so excited to talk to you next Sunday! Do you get to Skype again? About what time do you think you will be able to call or do we call you this time.]

This Sunday I will be able to Skype, I don't know exactly what time, it will probably be anywhere from 10:00 your time to 1:00 your time that I could be able to start talking depending on if we can get a hold of more than one computer.  We already have one computer, but my companion is marked to start talking first with his family because their time zone is closer to here.  I will sent an email during the week with a more concrete time frame if we can get that second computer.
I am having a better time with everything here in my new area with my new companion and everything.  We have 12 dates for baptism marked and we are planning on marking more.  We are working our butts off, every day we get home and are ready for bed which a nice feeling.
I have photos of my new area and I was going to send them today but I forgot my camera in the apartment. Miss ya and love ya!

Elder McBarron

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