Monday, January 9, 2012

1/9/12 Email from Jardim Limoeiro

[Adam's email for this week, our questions and comments are in brackets.  I can tell it's getting harder for him to think in English, I had to fix some of his sentences. : ) ]

[Nice picture on the motorcycle, who's was it?]  The motorcycle is owned by one of the people that I baptized.
[Now that the holidays are over, have your lessons picked up?Anyone new this week?]  Our lessons are starting to pick up now that the holidays are over, but they are still going a little slow right now because it is vacations for the Brazilians right now.  But we are finding more people to teach and it is getting easier to find people in their houses. We are unfortunately going to have to cut a lot of our teaching pool, they are not progressing. I had a division this week with my zone leader, that was pretty good.  Last week the Mission President said to me in an email that I might be a trainer or a leader soon, I thought that was pretty cool!  We are going to be using our teaching records from the area book more this week to try and find more people to teach, we found three people this last week doing this.  My district leader is becoming a little bit better to deal with, he is starting to talk with me a little bit more at the very least, which is helping.
[I wasn't feeling well and had our home teacher over for a blessing and we set a day for him to come visit every month.]  I am glad that you are doing well now. The weeks are going a lot faster here now. I am glad that you are having your home teachers come over we as members have to be asking or accepting our home teachers to come and visit us, home teaching is a big problem here, not too many people do their home teaching.  I am glad that you marked a set day for your home teacher to come and visit with you, it makes it easier on everyone.
[What is your favorite treat to get in Brazil?]  My favorite treat to buy is a chocolate from the Garoto factory called Serenata de Amor, it is really good.  When I come home I will buy some for you all to try.
[Any new goals for 2012?]  I have a new goal that our Mission President set for us that each missionary will baptize 20 people during the year.  Also to finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese by the end of the year 2 times.
[Are you getting transferred now that the new year is here?]  I don't really have too much more to say for this week. I won't know if I will be transferred until not this next p-day but the p-day after, but I will probably be transferred, but I don't want to be transferred from here.
[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was working with my zone leader in my area, we had some really good lessons, and one lesson that we did not leave until she understood the importance of visiting the church.
That is pretty much all that I have for the week.  Oh I tried to do the Justin Beiber hair-do this week, I will be getting my hair cut today. I will send pictures next week the computer is not liking that I am trying to send pictures. Love you all and miss you all.

Seu filho

Elder McBarron

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