Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/23/12 Email from Jardim Limoeiro

[Adam's email for this week, our questions and comments are in brackets.]
This week was good, we met a lot of new people and had a new perspective this week.  We have a baptism marked for February 11.  She is 12 years old, but she is showing a great interest in the church.
[We got snow and freezing rain, how about you? Okay, we know Heat, Heat and Heat!]  No we didn't have any snow or freezing rain.  We hardly had rain this week it was a really dry week and with that it was even hotter.
[How is it going with your investigators?]  One of our investigators gave us the boot, probably because her boyfriend was talking bad about us and she didn't want to give up her boyfriend to be closer to Christ.  We are teaching a family and we are now focusing on teaching one of the children that has a chance of getting baptized.  We are teaching the lessons to the new members because the members aren't doing it up to this point.
[How are your families that you have baptized doing, have your heard?]  Michelle is going strong and Malu also, the others that are not in my area are starting to fall away or have fallen away because the members aren' really helping them stay active.  This is something that is a problem in the church in whatever area you will be, if the members are not helping with the new members, they will fall away.
[Is the ward taking care of you?]  The ward is giving us lunch and that is about it.  We are getting a few references but that is about it.  We have to work pretty hard to get these references.
[What did you do for fun?]  For fun this week we had an activity with the zone.  Also we got pizza and will get pizza again today.
[What is the news on transfers for this week?]  I am staying again in the area.  My companion is being transferred and the other 2 missionaries as well.  I will be the only missionary that is staying again.  That is pretty much the news on the transfers, Presidente said that I will really like my new companion, but I don't know who my new companion will be.   I am trusting president on this one.
[How is the toe doing?]  My toe is doing fine, the nail is growing back now and everything is looking good.
[Who was the most interesting person that you ran into this week?]  The most interesting person that we ran into was a woman that, as we were walking in the street, came to us and asked us who we were just because she kept seeing us walking in the street and thought we were Seventh Day Adventist but wasn't sure.  We got her address and will be going to visit her. That kept me going for a little while.
[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was last night at the fireside that President Araújo gave in the ward.  It was really good and I was the chorister, that was pretty fun!
I don't really have too much else to say other than I miss you all and love ya.

Elder McBarron

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