Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pictures of Vitoria, Brazil

When Adam first got his call and we were reading about the climate in Vitoria, Adam's sister said, "you're going back to Hawaii."  He had just returned from a year at BYU Hawaii and truly the temperature is similar and apparently the beaches too by looking at some of these pictures.  Isn't that an amazing coastline!
In a previous post I mentioned that Vitoria was founded in 1551 and you can see that in some of the old, beautiful structures in the city.

Another thing I previously mentioned was all the bridges in Vitoria and how the area was made up of a lot of small island.  Here are some beautiful shots of some of the bridges that I found online.

What a gorgeous city Adam will be heading to the end of next month!  I really enjoyed looking at some of the pictures from the area.

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