Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mission Prep Updates

Besides the usual white shirts, socks, shoes, etc. we found a few things for Adam that were a little unsual, cool and fun to take with him on his mission.  First and, from what I hear, most important are the ties.  I understand that missionaries trade ties (kind of like trading pins at Disneyland) just to keep life interesting.  We found some awesome ties at the Missionary Mall (and guaranteed not to bleed into his white shirts which apparently happens in the Brazil humidity with silk ties).  It is really the only way to express yourself on your mission, so ties are very important.

But then we found this really fun tie, the Pillow Tie.  You can see in the back of it where the blow-up pillow part is.  The sign over the Pillow Ties said something like "because all events where you need to where a tie should be slept through."  So maybe he will never use it, but you gotta take your fun where you can get it right?!
Another thing that Adam thought was really neat was this back pack that they had at the Missionary Mall that has a camel pack (a plastic bladder that holds water).  It is made to not leak or perspire so that his back won't get wet and will keep everything in the back pack dry too.  It is pretty hot in Vitoria so he is looking forward to having a way to keep water with him.

But, by far, Adam thought the coolest thing was the belt he got that has a zipper on the inside so that he can keep his cash safe as he walks around Brazil.  Kind of spy like, right?!

Well, we still have some more shopping to do to get him ready, but not much.  He has spent a few days with very sore arms as he got his Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Influenza shots.  Things keep moving along, now if only that online visa application would come we would really be moving along!


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