Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Demographics in Vitoria, Brazil

Anchieta's Palace in Downtown Vitoria
Here are some interesting demographic facts for Vitoria taken from Wikipedia:

According to the IBGE of 2008, there were 317,817 people residing in the city. The racial makeup of the city was 52.33%  White, 38.46% Pardo (brown), 7.43% Black, 0.78% Asian or Amerindian.  Vitória is the second Brazilian capital with the best quality of life, according to research at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, this same research institution also claims that Vitória is the 9th best city in Brazil to work. The capital of the Espírito Santo has the highest per capital income enters the capital of Brazil.
  • GDP per capita (2007): 60592.00 (1st place among the capitals)
  • Life Expectancy (years) at birth: 70.74 (4th place among the capitals)
  • IDHM R-index of income: 0.858 (3rd position among the capitals)
  • IDHM E-Education Index: 0.948 (3rd position among the capitals)
  • IDHM-L Index Longevity: .762 (4th place among the capital)
  • ICH index of deprivation in the Provision of Essential Services Housing: 0.882
  • Adult literacy rate: 95.48% (5th position among the capitals)
  • Average ENEM 2007: 60.225 (1st place among the capitals of Brazil)
  • Gross rate of school attendance: 93.36% (3rd position among the capitals)
  • Gini Index : 0.61
  • Highest HDI between the capitals of the Southeast and third largest among the capital (0.856)
  • Number of voters: 237 554
  • Annual population growth rate: 2.36%
  • Best capital for young start career
  • Ninth best city to work
  • Vitória Airport is the 14th in passenger movement in Brazil, and it embarked or disembarked in the year 2006, 1,661,192 passengers. It is the 14th in cargo, and transported in 2006 13,023,544 kilograms
  • Vitória has the largest port in handling a ton of Brazil
  • Fleet of vehicles: 120,826
  • Smaller population of the capitals of Southeastern

No religion10.53%30,791

Source: IBGE 2000.

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