Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mission Shopping

 We took a trip to Utah for President's Day Weekend to visit people and do some shopping.  One of our main shopping trips was going mission shopping for Adam.  We ended up at the Missionary Mall in Orem and had a great time there.  The salesman who helped us had gone on his mission to Brazil as well so that was really helpful. 

First thing he had Adam do was to go over to the big map they had on the wall and put a pin in it in Vitoria, Brazil where he will be going on his mission.  Next he got a big shopping cart for Adam and then started down the suit isle.  Adam tried on several jackets until they found the right size for him and then picked the color he liked. 

Once we were done with jackets, it was on to pants and then on to ties (which Adam thought was the best part).  He picked some great ties then it was on to miscellaneous items like mosquito netting, towels and other important things.
After all of that it was time for him to try on shoes and socks.  He tried on several pairs before settling on two favorites.  Not to mention the socks with the extra padding on the bottom, Adam thought those were great.

Well, we had everything he needed, now he needed something to put it all in and carry around for two years.  We looked at a great suitcase set that we ended up getting free which was awesome.  I paid the bill and they loaded Adam up with all of his mission stuff and we left. 

It was so nice having salesmen help us who really knew what they were talking about having been on missions themselves as well as ours in particular who knew the area Adam was going to.  It was totally worth going to the Missionary Mall!

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  1. Fun pictures! How on earth did you get the luggage for free? Man, count your blessings! :)


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