Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/13/13 Email From Vitória

This week was a week of testing my patience, it was a week of pretty much nothing.  We had the annual carnival holiday this weekend and everyone was crazy because of it.  I am a little bit exhausted and we were not able to email on Monday because all of the LAN houses were closed because of the holiday.

We have rats in our neighborhood and they are as big as little cats. I have seen a rat that was bigger than a chauaua.
My best experience this week was an appointment that we had with a kid our age about 20 years old.  He does not go to any church because he sees a lot of things wrong with the other churches.  We started talking with him about our message and how the church is and he liked what he heard.  He told us to come back and teach him more.  He is really liking what he is hearing and he said that it makes sense.

I am trying to make things exciting and not to think too much about home so that I don't lose my focus.  Miss you!

Elder McBarron

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