Monday, December 3, 2012

12/3/12 Email from São Mateus

Thanks for your emails and am glad that you guys replied because it really helped me.  The rest of the week was better than the first few days of knowing what had happened.  I know that I only have 5 more months and 3 more transfers, so I am trying to make the best of it with my companion and mess around and have fun but also work hard and smarter.  I am going it to try and make every day a good day.  I am not sure what will happen with the transfers yet, I will not find out until later, but I will probably be transferred before Christmas.  If that happens I will do everything that I can to have a good time.

So this week we have a river in our area and it started to overflow.  We took pictures and there is a lot of water that has left the river.  We also had a zone conference that we had to go to another area really early in the morning and then when it finished there was not a bus leaving for our area until 7:00 at night to get a bus to another city and then another to our city and when we got home it was after midnight.  That really was a pain, but there was a good side, we got to see some of the people that I taught and were helping bring back to church and they were really excited to see us.  That was really cool.

My best spiritual experience was that of bearing my testimony of the importance to find those that are looking for the gospel because we never know when they will return back to our Heavenly Father´s presence.

I have been teaching a person that is living with an inactive member and she has been learning and asking really good questions that I have never been asked before and we have had answers to these questions and they have been from the Spirit.

We were able to go and ride bikes again when we were teaching and that was really good.  Also, I have been able to do a few exchanges this week with my district leader and that has been fun.  I have been able to help him and him help me.

I don't really have too much more to say.  This week has been a slow week and yeah, miss you and love you.

Elder McBarron

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