Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12 Email From São Mateus

The name of the YSA Ward in our home area!
This week we didn't have too much fun, other than the usual stuff, laughing at each other and you know that kind of stuff.  This week was kind of a frustrating week, we marked a few dates and they have already fallen through.  We are going to be going at things differently this week.  Since I don't have too much time here on the mission, and my companion as well, we are trying to figure out what we need to do better to have better success here, that is our focus for this week.  We are going to focus on building the faith of our investigators more and then we will mark baptism dates.  We are starting to see again that we have to work smarter and not harder.

This week we found some oranges that are green and the size of a baby´s head, that was pretty cool.  I will take a picture and send it to you this next week.  We also found a really cool store full of really cool things.  I bought a few things for you guys and I will be sending a package home soon.  I did buy a few things for me as well.

What is good is that we are still working and doing all that we can to help everyone here.  The branch president just said yesterday for all of the branch to do their visits and that they would have more success with the growth of the branch.  That they need to help with the missionary work here too.  We are trying to work with the members more and find people that can be baptized and that are willing to hear the message that we have to bring.

I don't really have too many pictures to send that you have not seen, but I am sending a pic of the last baptism that I forgot to send last week. I found a sign in my area that has the name of the Young Single Adult ward back home on it so I am going to send that picture too.

Miss ya!

Elder McBarron

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