Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2/12 Email From São Mateus

This week, me and my companion are really tired from the work that we are doing we have been working our butts off this week to show that we need another companionship here, but if we do not get it we will work together just fine.  We have had a lot of things happen this transfer that we are just exhausted from.  We are probably going to sleep today when we get back to the apartment.

We had our baptism this week that was great!  He was baptized and confirmed the same day to close the tri-mester, that was pretty cool.  I got to preform the confirmation!  Then yesterday he received the Priesthood!

Our week was great but full of work.  We worked our rear ends off this week.  We are probably going to get 2 new missionaries here.  Elder Litchfield and I are staying here.

The winter here is pretty good, it is nice and cool, but it hasn't really been raining much.  It would be nice if it rained a little more.

That is pretty cool that you got the Google translate app for your ipad!  At least now if I want to I can write in Portuguese and you will be able to understand it a little easier.

My best experience this week was when I was prestando meu testemunho por um pesquisador sobre oração e que Deus existe, eu senti o espirito muito forte, foi ótimo [in English:  giving my testimony by a researcher about prayer and that God exists, I felt the Spirit very strong, it was great].

Feliz Quarto De Julho!!!! [in English:  Happy Fourth of July!]  Unfortunately, here it won't be the same.  They don't have the fireworks or anything here because they do not celebrate this holiday.

Well, the best lesson was about oração [in English:  prayer].   That was pretty good and cool!

Well I have to go.  Miss you and love you

Elder McBarron

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