Monday, June 4, 2012

6/4/12 Email from São Mateus

Life is going well, my companion is trunky.  We found out this week that we are going to be in a triple.  That is going to be a fun experience.

I worked this whole week with my companion and Elder Litchfield, one of them one day and the other the next.  I didn't have any breaks this week, but that was fine with me after what happened with me yesterday.  Yesterday was testimony meeting, and I had the impression to go up and to bear my testimony.  I went up and pretty much had no idea of what I was going to say and then I got a feeling to just start with this and so I said it and then everything just came rolling out.  I bore my testimony about our Savior Jesus Christ and I could feel that it was my thoughts, my words, but it was with the help of the Spirit that I said everything that I said.  Afterwards one of the members said to me that after I had finished talking that she and one of the other members said to each other, "who is this missionary?" and a few other things that I don't remember, but I know that it was all because of the Spirit that they were saying that because I am just a mouth piece for the Lord to help others.

We are going to have a baptism this Saturday!  He had his interview yesterday and he passed!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so the funniest thing that happened this week was that we were playing Monopoly Deal and all of us missionaries started farting and, well, you can imagine.  All of us busted out laughing because it smelled so bad.

The best thing this week was working with Elder Litchfield in part of his area that is going to be our area.  I felt the Spirit there when we stepped foot there, and then a member was showing us around and well she gave us a lot of references, 13 in just that night. 
I got a new adapter and I have photos for you, most that I mentioned last week about the motorcycle show we saw a little of.  I also have a picture for you that is just outside my window that I took this morning.  I don't really have too much more to write.  Love you and miss you!

Elder McBarron

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