Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 Email From São Mateus

This week was a bust, there were 4 different holidays in just this weekend so everyone has been out partying, or traveling so it was kind of hard to get our visits done.  We did find a really cool family through their son. The son speaks English and the dad does too a little bit.  The dad was a little apprehensive about our first visit thinking about all of the things that he has heard about the church that are negative.  But after we had our first visit he said that from what he saw just from our visit is that we sincerely teach what we believe and act upon it, that we are a lot truer to our faith than some other churches and that a lot of the things that he has heard are not true.  He said that he actually believes that we are doing the Lord´s work.  We will see how things go with the family.  We are also trying to help a kid my age to stop smoking.  We have gotten him down from 30 cigarettes per day to about 16 so far. 

There is a member that works at a bakery and this week he gave us a ton of bread, we don't have to buy anything anymore to eat really, we just have to eat the bread that he gave us.  We brought home 2 garbage bags full of bread, yeah we have a lot of bread to eat.  He keeps trying to give us more, so we are taking a little bit here and a little bit there so that we don't get over loaded with bread.

Ok so the best learning experience this week was that of helping a couple sort out a few things so that their lives will be a little more mellow and so that they can have the spirit with them.  It helped me learn more about what I am going to have to do when I have a family to be taking care of and a wife to be taking care of.

I have less than 200 days left and I am starting to feel it, my body is starting to become a little more tired every day and I am starting to get a little bit more crazy, but I think that that might just be me changing and becoming a little more crazy and not so much quiet.  Well that is pretty much just about it for the fun stuff other than being able to ride bikes here in part of our area, a member is letting us use their bikes, yeah, that is so much fun. Well that is it.

Miss you and love ya
Elder McBarron

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