Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/12 Email From São Mateus

[How was your week?]  So this week we didn't really have anything big happen, we pretty much just had the same old same old.  We did have our interviews with the Mission President and then we had a few situations with some atheists this week, yeah that was fun.  I was sitting there the whole time just wanting to tell them that they are wrong and that they know that, but they are too proud to admit it.  We also had some situations with some Seventh-day Adventists, they tried to tell us that we were wrong and that we are not following the 10 commandments.  Then they gave us their books and we gave them the Book of Mormon and we told them to read and pray about our message and they asked us to pray and see if we were are not following every part of the 10 commandments, we said ok.  We went home, we prayed and, yep, we are following all of the commandments.  I guess that had to have made our week a little exciting

[What is the weirdest dream you have had since you have been on your mission?]  My craziest dream that I had was a dream where I was doing contacts, but I was not a missionary anymore.  I was talking with everyone as if I were a missionary and I was talking with a girl that I had never seen before.  We were walking in the street and I was walking with the missionary pace and she could not keep up and at the end I was just talking with people.

[What would you say is the worst apartment you have had so far?]  The worst apartment, I have no idea they were all bad and good at the same time.-

[What funny experiences have you had with people in the streets?]  Everyone here thinks that we work for the bus companies so they come up to us to ask when the next bus passes by and other things.  It is funny to tell them that we don't work for the bus companies and then do a contact with them.  A lot of the drunks call us over and ask us to preach something to them and then they offer to buy us a beer.  It is really funny talking with the drunks, they have no idea most of the time who we are, what we do or what they are doing.

[What was your best experience this week?]  My best experience this week was performing a baptismal interview, that was pretty cool.  The other elders are going to have a baptism this Saturday!

Well, that is the highlights of the week without all of the boring stuff of walking, eating, sleeping and studying.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for the birthday wishes! unfortunately i did not get my package yet, but I will be getting it at transfers on the 14th.  Let me know when the package that I sent gets to you.  Miss you and love you!

Elder McBarron

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