Friday, April 22, 2011

Adam's Farewell Talk

Adam gave his farewell talk this last Sunday.  The first speaker was Brodi Bateman who is also leaving for a mission to Brazil the same day as Adam.  The last speaker was Elder Bussy of the Seventy.  He is the Area President for the Northwest of the United States.  It's kind of crazy that the Area President would be speaking on the same day and in Buckley of all places.  He was a great speaker and during his talk he said that Adam and Brodi were going to a great place and they did a knuckle bump and smiled.  Then Elder Bussy said that after their missions they would come home, find sweethearts and get married.  That produced even bigger smiles and another knuckle bump between Adam and Brodi.  They all talked about the power of the Priesthood.  It was a great meeting.  Adam had been sick and was loosing his voice so he was talking quietly, but the spirit was so strong as he spoke.  He hadn't prepared anything and spoke directly from the heart.  The chapel was so quiet as he spoke, I had several people after the meeting comment on how quiet it was during his talk.  As his mother, it was an amazing thing to see and hear.  After the meeting we heard from so many people about how good his talk was, one in particular was very touching.  She said that Adam reminded her of the missionary that converted her.  It was a wonderful day.

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